Monday, September 30, 2013

All the Missionaries Together

All our missionaries during Elder Zeballos' visit (Elder Schwartz is on second row from top and fourth from right side.)

Ahahaha, Dad I LOVE the old picture that you sent of the Truckee trip, awesome.

Truckee River circa 1977
This week went by well.  They always go by well.  Elder Sandoval and I DID spent a little more time teaching than walking and knocking this past week which is always nice.  We met this really amazing family, la Familia Torres.  They are next door neighbors to a member family and we started teaching them this week.  Well, I started teaching the dad English at least, but they have lots of questions and interests, and that's always good.  It`s been a long time since I have taught English too, so that was fun.

Also, it turns out that there is a sister in my district, Hermana Volkert, who has family living in Snohomish, and apparently she has met Uncle James and Aunt Diane?  

Claudio and his mother are doing really well.  We actually visited them this week with the Relief Society presidency.  I felt like i was teaching the lesson with Mom, ahaha, and it went really well.  Sadly Patricia (Claudio's mom) is a little sick, and actually she is going back to the US in two weeks to get some surgery, but Claudio is staying here in Santiago.  Claudio came to church this Sunday, stayed all of the hours and made some friends, so that was really cool.

DAD, The scripture that you shared in your email (about the Lord`s hand always being reached out to us), I shared it in a lesson last night because i just read it like two days ago!  Great minds think alike, I suppose.

Elder Sandoval is doing lots lots better, which is great because now he can eat everything!  (He was on a limited diet for the last few weeks, so he could only eat really light food, and if HE could only eat really light food, that means that I, his companion, could only eat really light food too..... so I am glad that he is back to normal because now I can eat all of the junk that I normally do, aha!)

Oh, also, I got the letter from John and Virginia on Friday, and I wrote a response and i will be sending it later this week, so it should be in Martinez in like a month or so. (Thank you, Chilean mail service!)

Sorry that this email wasn't very long or detailed; I just want you all to know that I love you and that I am very happy down here in Chile.  I love this time that I have to do the Lord`s work.  I am learning a lot, and meeting lots of amazing people every day, and I really do feel like every day that I spend here in Chile, my love for this work and this country grows stronger and stronger.  Thank you all for your prayers and your examples -- keep being amazing!

with love,
Elder Schwartz

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