Monday, September 9, 2013

Get Feeling Better, Elder Sandoval!

Hospital Blues

You guys are gonna kill me, but...........
I am literally all out of time, so this is going to be SUPER DUPER short (he says this every week, but the message is not THAT short)....... I am going to email you guys first from now on (I usually save the family email for last, but it looks like that method isn't working out very well.....)  Firstly, it is so great to hear that everyone is doing so well and that there are so many activities going on: weddings and visits and work and exercises. GREAT!
This week was good, really good actually.  Elder Sandoval and I are doing well.  We had a meeting with all of the Zone Leaders and President Wright on Tuesday and then we taught a three hour long class to our zone on Wednesday.  The President is putting a lot of focus on family history work these days.  I actually got to look at my family tree and WOW i have some family members doing an AWESOME job with our geneology....... I shared with our zone the life of one of my ancestors named Peter Hansen.  I found a little bio on him from the family tree.  Everyone really liked that.
Ward council was this week so it was a week full of activities.  We had a recreation night on Saturday and lots of less-active members and investigators showed up.  There were food and games and music and it was a good time.  We didn't stay too long though.  I brought the football and everyone seemed to really enjoy that; I taught them how to throw and play and it was fun.  
Sunday we had a WAY COOL ward council meeting centered on missionary work.  We watched part of the Devotional from July and talked and set goals and it was awesome!
But the craziest part of Sunday was the afternoon when we had to go to the hospital because Elder Sandoval was "throwing up uncontrollably".  It was pretty crazy; we went to the ER.  FORTUNATELY, he doesn't have a stomach infection.  They aren't going to have to operate or anything, but he has some bacteria and has to take lots of antibiotics.  Today he is feeling way better than yesterday, thankfully.
There were probably lots of typos in this lil' summary of the week -- sorry, I am writing it really fast.  I just want you all to know that I love you so much and I am so thankful for this opportunity that I have to serve my brothers here in Chile.  I read the conference talk "It's a Miracle by Elder Anderson this week, and it really did help to open my eyes and see that this work, really is a work of miracles.  ALSO, I started reading the Book of Mormon again, and I am learning SO MUCH.  READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!
love you all, 
until next week,

Elder Schwartz

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