Friday, September 20, 2013

News of Brazilian Being Called To Serve in Chile...

Dear Family,

I can't believe that it's already P-day!  This transfer is going by wayyyy too fast!  It's good to hear that all is well with you guys and that you all had a fun week.

I'm doing well. The Portuguese is still coming along, but I speak and understand way better now, than I did last transfer.  Elder Steil is helping me out a lot and in return I'm helping him with his English, so it's a good trade. 

A lot of stuff happened this week, so I'll try to give you guys some good highlights of my week here in Planalto.  So we did a lot of work with our investigators this week.  We are trying our best to prepare them for baptism and a good number of them are progressing.  We have been working a lot with this kid in our ward, Felipe, who has been helping us with his friend Paulo.  At first it seemed like he had no interest at all in our message, but recently he has been more engaged in our lessons and he looks a lot happier.  He even brought his mom to church with him yesterday! 

This week was really good also because our ward got TWO returned missionaries on the same day! One Elder and one Sister! And even though they have been home for less than a week, they have been a HUGE help for us. The returned Elder (Junior is his name) went out with us all day on Friday, and we went around visiting all of his friends and his family members who aren't church members. Having him with us has been a huge blessing for us!  If only every member of this church had the fire that he has, this work would really take off.  Junior kind of has a rough life too.  His dad is an alcoholic and really hates the fact that Junior left for two years. He's already stopped us on the street and yelled at us twice, telling us how upset he was that his son left him for two years.  It's kind of sad. But on a lighter note, we went over to Junior's house one night and his dad was there (still drunk), and he fed us dinner and kissed me on the cheek.  Elder Steil says that he already got kissed on the cheek three times by drunk guys in his last area so this isn't really uncommon here in Brazil...... buuuut anyways back to missionary stuff. 

I forgot to tell you guys, but on Saturdays I have been teaching English class for the past few weeks. It's awesome because so many people here in Brazil recognize the need to speak English, and everyone here speaks a little bit, so I get the opportunity to help them out.  But later on Saturday night, our ward mission leader, Guillherme, put together this awesome missionary activity about the history of the church for the whole stake.  There were members and non-members alike, and our zone got to sing "Chamados a Servir" (Called to Serve) for everyone.  And at the very end, a member of our ward got to open his mission call in front of everyone.  And you're not gonnna believe this, but he's going to the Chile Santiago East mission!!!  I have a feeling that Elder Nate will be training in a few months.

Well those are all the highlights of my week here in Planalto. I love you all! I can't wait to hear from you guys next week! The Church is True!

Elder Schwartz     

Sorry, no pics this week....I'll try next week....   

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