Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference!!!!

After Watching General Conference

Dear Family and Friends,

You guys are going to kill me, but Elder Sandoval and I are going to be LATE to a very important family home evening, so this is going to be the shortest email that I ever send you ever....... .......SO....SORRY!

General conference was AMAZING!  I loved it, and, yes, I got to see it in English.  We had an English room in our stake center building, where I and about eight other missionaries watched all five sessions of conference while pigging out on junk food.  There were lots of talks that were really good, but I think the one that stuck out to me the most, was President Uchtdorf's ( Link to talk ) during the priesthood session.  I really liked his comparison about our desires and what the Lord requires of us, "wanting to give the guy who cuts us off in traffic a piece of our mind".  I also really really enjoyed Elder Holland's talk. ( Link to talk )  Thank you for sending me the Oaks talk from 1992.  I am not sure why it came into my mind, but I remember that Dad really likes it, and i wanted to read it. Link to Oak's Talk from 1992

Phil DID email me, finally!  I love him!

And I got the big news on Andrew.  (See details in message from Andrew below). I KNOW that he is prepared for what the Lord has called him to do.

It was a great week -- a really busy week.  I had to get my visa redone, so I spent a whole day in the center of Santiago.  We had a leadership meeting with President Wright earlier in the week, and there was some BIG NEWS.  We are going to have a meeting with Elder Holland in November -- how exciting is that!  

I am SO sorry for the shortness of this email.  Thank you so much for your emails every week -- they really do mean a lot to me!

More details next week,

with Love,
Elder Schwartz

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