Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Area....And Some Goodbye Photos From Geronimo

Elder Schwartz mentions a package home in his email message below.  He included a couple of memory cards from his camera.  Many of the photos on the cards are ones included already on the blog, but there are also more (many more, in fact)! If you have some time and want to see some pics, here is the link to them:  

We have had a hard time getting packages to him in Chile, but his package came to us quickly.  He confirms that the correct address for him for letters and packages is:

Elder Nathaniel Schwartz
Chile Santiago EAST Mission
Cristobal Colón 6824
Las Condes, Casilla 27.144
Santiago, Región Metropolitana

For email his address is:  nathaniel.schwartz@myldsmail.net

Here is his latest message home (farewell photos from Geronimo at end):

Dear Family, Friends, Everyone,

Its great to hear that everyone is keeping so busy and that you guys got the package that I sent home, and I'm glad that you saw the video of the birthday cake; I'm still trying to get some of the chocolate frosting out of my nose.......
This week went by really well, and really fast.  Firstly, I would just like you all to know that it is POURING rain right now.  It is POURING, and Chile doesn't have drainage systems...... the streets turn into rivers.  So, enjoy your California spring sunshine. 
Yes, this sector is a big change from the last one.  The ward is called Chiloé, but the part of the city is called El Volcán, and the majority of the sector is made up of of three story apartment buildings that are identical to one another, and I think were all built by the government -- so big contrast!  The ward here is SO COOL!  Over the past week I have been able to meet a lot of the members and they are so much fun, and so funny, and so loving.  It is awesome!  The work here is moving really well.  And yes, we have a lot of recent converts, and a few investigators moving rapidly towards baptism.  In fact, we have one planned for next Sunday, if everything works out well.  Elder Packer has been doing a great job.  He has been out on the mission for the same amount of time as Elder Sanchez (so like 3 months), but he speaks and understands very well for someone with little time in the mission.  The zone leaders who I live with are Elder Smith from Idaho Falls, (it's his last 6 weeks of the mission right now) and he is awesome, and the other zone leader is named Elder Schade (pronounced Skatty), and he and I hit it off really well.  He is from Linden Utah, and he is actually a friend of one of my college roommates (Scott Cooper).  Since we know some of the same people and have been to a lot of the same places, we have gotten along really well so far, and it was his birthday yesterday.  My district is awesome -- it is me and my companion and the zone leaders and a trio of sister missionaries and another companionship from Barrio Cordillera, and they are all awesome.  There are nine of us in the district, and everyone is really easy to get along with and a lot of fun.  I really recieved a tender mercy from the Lord receiving such studs of missionaries in my district.  On Friday we had a capacitation (training) meeting for all of the District Leaders with President Wright, and that helped me out a TON.  Everything is going along really well in this sector, aside from the weather, and I am really excited for this change.  I know that I am going to be learning a lot.  I love you all so much; you're in my prayers.  The church is true!   
Until next week!
Elder Schwartz

Goodbye Pictures from Geronimo area.....

Goodbye District!

Goodbye Geronimo!

Goodbye Hijito (Son)!

Goodbye Jovenes (youth)!

Goodbye La Florida Zone!

Goodbye Rodrigo!

Goodbye Familia Orellana!

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