Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day Video Call.....

This photo just came in, so I added it.  Elder Schwartz mentions that many families in Santiago have this type of photo hanging in prominent places in their homes.  He and his fellow missionaries wanted to have one of them.....

Elders Garcia, Henderson, Schwartz, and Sanchez -- all ready to set sail...

Elder Nate Schwartz "Skyped" his family on Sunday (Mother's day).  As a gift to his mom, he sang a children's Mother's Day song in Spanish (I Often Go Walking).  Click on link below:

Dear Family,

Just like your letter this week was a little bit shorter, mine is going to be a little bit shorter too, or a lot shorter......  It was really great being able to see (on Skype) you guys yesterday.  It was so sweet being able to hear all of your sweet voices after such a long time.  It looks and sounds like everyone is doing really well, and it sounds like Andrew is doing well in the MTC, too.  I really don't know what to write seeings how we were just talking last night.  Today we went up to Las Condes (nice, big mall in fancy part of town) and we ate at the Hard Rock cafe just like I said, and then we went bowling.  It was a really good time.  Eduardo came with us to celebrate Elder Garcias last P-Day.  It's really hard for me to think that in one week from now Elder Garcia isn't going to be here with me anymore...... I've spent over the last 6 months living with him so that's going to be kind of hard for me.  It's really probable that next Monday I will be emailing you guys from a different location with a different companion.  At least I feel like that is what's going to happen.

The highlight of the week for me hands-down was having the opportunity to work the baptistry at the CVC (this was a mini visitors center that was being set up at each ward chapel).  It was an experience that I won't ever forget.  Seriously, the CVC is such a great idea!!!!!   I am going to try to talk my home ward into doing it when I get home.  It was so much fun and I feel like it was a really good turn out.  I personally feel like Lo Cañas is going to have more than one baptism in the near future because of the CVC on Saturday night.  Another really cool thing happened on Sunday before we spoke with our families.  About 3 months ago, our Elders Quorum President received an email from a guy outside of Santiago who wanted someone from our ward to go visit and bless his brother's home.  So our Elders quorum president gave us the address and we took off to go visit the home.  We must have passed by that house a good 13 times without getting a response from anyone.  I started to think that we got the address wrong, and that the home was abandoned, so we stopped passing by for a while. Well 2 weeks ago, we had a ward activity where the stake presidency and high council and all of the priesthood in our ward got together on a Sunday night to do visits.  They made companionships out of all of the members, handed them a slip of paper, and then they took off.  Well, the paper that Elder Sanchez and I received had the exact same address that we received from our Elders quarum president months earlier.  So we went to visit them, and we encountered them!  They invited us to come to their house the following Sunday (yesterday), and we got into their house.  We were able to meet a wonderful middle aged man who is taking care of his 90 year old Mother, alone. His mother has Alzhiemer's and she can never be left alone.  We visited them for a while, then Elder Sanchez blessed the home, and afterwards the Hermano asked us to give his mother a blessing of health.  I gave her a simple blessing, and then the most amazing thing happened; after the blessing concluded, the 90 year old woman burst out into song, and she sang all three verses of "How Great Thou Art," solo.  It was such a warming and spiritual experience and I was so happy to have been the missionary lucky enough to partake in such a moving event. This next Sunday we are going to go to their house with the Deacons quorum presidency to bring them the sacrament.

I will be sure to write you guys a more detailed letter next week.  Sorry that this one is so short.....  I know that the church is true, that our Heavenly Father loves us, and that he wants the best for us.  He knows all of us individually; He knows our strengths and our weaknesses, our victories, and our shortcomings, and that He wants us to return and live with Him.  If that is our goal, He will help us and bless us.

Until next week,
with much love,

Elder Schwartz

He can email now --

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