Saturday, May 18, 2013

Feliz Aniversario, Elder Schwartz!

We got a nice message from Elder Andrew yesterday, and yes, he was able to attach some great photos of himself, and his companion, and district, and more.....

Ola Familia!
Tudo Bem?

From the Kelley tweet!
So you got the pic from cousin Kelley?  Haha it was nice to see a familiar face.  I think that picture is with Elder Johnson in the back, I'm not sure.  He's another Elder from my district going to Sao Paulo. 

Don't worry, Elder Schwartz had a great birthday.  I got three packages that day so I was the envy of my district. Shouts out to Big Bwudda Phil for the pie, Stacy for the cupcakes, and Natalia for the cookies!  They were all delicious! 

Translation from Portugese:  Happy Birthday!

Blowing out the 19 Candles....
Some sisters in my district decorated my desk with post-its and made me a "cake" out of post-its with candles drawn on them and some of my books.  It was awesome!  Yes, I also got sung to by my district and teacher in Portuguese, so no need to worry about that!  Sorry I couldn't call home on Mother's day, but you know there are 4000 missionaries and only three phones here... but I hope that Mom still had a wonderful day!  I'm jealous that you guys got to talk to Elder Nate but I guess we'll all get the chance to talk on Christmas.  The language is coming along well.  Two days ago our district signed a contract with our teacher that we would only speak Portuguese save a few exceptions.  So for the past two days I have only been speaking Portuguese with very limited English. It's really tough, but I love it because I know it's for the best! 

Elder Schwartz and Elder Bond
 Elder Bond is doing well.  He is having a bit of trouble with the language, so I've been helping him with his Portuguese, and I make him talk more during our lessons, because I tend to do most of the talking.  He's been progressing so much since we started doing that, and I'm really glad I could help him out.  

Elder Smith, Elder Ross, Elder Johnson, Elder Despain, Elder Bond, and Elder Schwartz

Elders in our District with the sisters:  Sister Campell, Sister Gonzales, Sister Schooly,
Sister Dabelko, Sister Duncan 
So we got a new district in our branch this week, but two districts are leaving next week meaning that our district is the oldest district in our branch already!  It's seems like yesterday we were the youngest, but things move quick in the MTC!  For Tuesday devotional we had a special guest come speak to us -- Elder Russell M. Nelson from the Quorum of the Twelve came and spoke to us, and it was AMAZING!!!  He gave us so many new insights on how to be more effective missionaries which will greatly help us when we're in the field.  Elder Bond and I are currently teaching two investigators (not really investigators, just teachers).  I know that even though they aren't real lessons, but every time that we teach it is just an awesome experience!  One of our investigators is progressing really well, while the other is having some huge trials in his life that we are trying to help him overcome.  It is so cool to be able prepare for the things that I might have to help others with in their lives.  So the lessons are basically the exciting parts of the day.  Other than that we have either study sessions, classes, or meals.  All of it is awesome, as I am learning so much and getting better at teaching every day.  It's so nice to hear from everyone through Dear Elders and Emails and to hear everyone is doing well!  Keep them coming!  I'll try to write everyone back but we can only write and send letters and emails on P-day.  Well, I love you all, and I pray for all of you! I can't wait to hear back!
Amo Voces!
Elder Schwartz

Few more pics....

Elder Schwartz with Elder Mitchell Wilson, before he left for San Antonio

With the bikes

Picture Sister Campbell drew for my birthday

I can sing?  Nope!

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