Friday, May 24, 2013

MTC Meditations....

Dear Family and Friends!
I'm so glad that you guys got the pictures!  Everything seems to be going well with everyone with work and other things.  That's great!   Elder Nate moved to a new sector?  Finally!  It's great that he got to be in one place for so long, but it was about time for a change.  How is my other sweet brother Phil in the Americorp?  I haven't heard from him in a while.  How are things in MTZ?  Or the rest of the world?  We don't get much news access here in the MTC.  Grandma Moffit sent me a nice package yesterday with all sorts of goodies. I loved it.   My district has so much food now because some of the other Elders are getting packages too.

Some of the plentitude of food that we have 
So almost everyone that has been in my branch (all called to Brazil) thus far has been reassigned (to missions in the US awaiting their visas) except for maybe two missionaries that got their visas. I only have two weeks left here so next week I am probably going to get my reassignment to somewhere in the US, but I am way excited for that. I get to say I have two different mission assignments!  How awesome is that?!?!  I hope I get to go somewhere on the east coast, but I'll go where the Lord needs me.

This week has been great as always. I haven't been keeping up with speaking only Portuguese as I should have been, but starting Monday, Elder Bond and I are only going to speak Portuguese for the rest of our time here at the MTC.  It will be a challenge but we can do it!  Our investigators are going really well.  We haven't been able to teach as much this week because our district has started being investigators for each other.  It's so good to be able to put on the shoes of the investigator and learn ways in which I can teach more effectively.  The Elders in our district still play volleyball every gym time and we have been getting the new districts to play with us, so we have been having some really good games.
This week we had Elder Nash of the Quorum of the Seventy talk to us about the Doctrine of Christ, and through listening to him, I have been gaining some insights of my own.  Cousin Cindy challenged me to start a "Miracle Journal," so I did that, but I have been adding thoughts and insights to it as well.  It's small so I carry it with me because I can recieve miracles or inspiration at any moment. Tomorrow our distirct is going to do something that I think is pretty cool. We're going to be having a 40 minute Skype session with members in Brazil and teach them a short lesson.  I'm so excited because all of the Brazillians that I have talked to here are really nice and I have only heard good things about the people in Brazil. What a blessing!
Well those are pretty much the highlights of the week. Elder Schwartz is doing great and working hard.  Keep sending me emails and Dear Elders because I love to hear how everyone is doing and what's going on in people's lives!  The church is true!
Amo voces!
Elder Schwartz
P.S. One of the Elders in my district is into holistics and meditation and stuff so he taught me how to meditate!  How cool is that?!

The view of my room from my bed

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