Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January in Brazil -- Heat and Downpours

No new pics this week, so here's a recycled one.  Elder Schwartz and Elder Watt

Dear Everyone! 

Man, the weeks have been flying by! I can't believe that I'm starting my fourth week here in Cidade Leonor!  It's good to hear that everyone at home is good, but man, too bad about the niners.... next year I guess.  I'm doing well.  The weather is so crazy here.  It's like super hot 100 degree weather, and then at like four in the afternoon we get hit by a huge thunder storm.  It's so bad because we never know if we should bring our umbrellas when we leave to work.  In the morning it's super hot and sunny, then later it pours, so we've gotten drenched a few times. But hey, I guess that's the missionary life.  Everything else though is going good.

This week we had a lot of good experiences. Unfortunately, Augusto was traveling this past week so we weren't able to talk with him, and Luciano has been busy too so it's been pretty tough to see him but we are going to keep working with him.  I got the chance to do a few divisions this week. One with Elder Huxford who is one of the missionaries that we live with, who is new here in Brazil.  It's kind of weird because Elder Huxford waited for his visa for 9 months in the states and he just got here so he has more time than me on the mission.  It was awesome to work with him though, because he already knows how to be a missionary and how everything works. His only thing is that he is still learning Portuguese, but he is actually speaking really well for the little time he has here in Brazil.  I also got another chance to do a division with Elder Booth who is one of the Elders who works in the mission office.  Our zone is a little weird because we have the four office elders and the four in our house, and the rest are all sisters, so it's really hard to do divisions because the office elders only do full time proselyting on Saturday. But I got the opportunity to work with Elder Booth who arrived here in Brazil with me. It was a really good division. The office elders have a little bit of difficulty doing missionary work because they are in the office most of the time, but they have a lot of good potential in their area. 

This week, Elder Watt and I had a meeting that we set up with the stake presidency and the high counselor over missionary work and it was awesome. We were all able to discuss all of our concerns and worked together and made plans for the wards in this stake so that they will have more success.  It was a really good meeting, and we even marked another one in the future so that we will be having these meetings regularly.  It was really enlightening and we are really excited for the outcome. We are really trying to do what the prophet has said and have the members and missionaries work in unity so that we may help everyone come unto Christ and be happy!  I know that this church is true and that abiding by the standards of the church we can have true happiness. I'm having a lot of experiences out here, and I'm seeing how the world is, and how so many people are confused about what real happiness is.  I'm thankful for having learned the truth early, so that I won't have the same problems that many others have that could have easily been avoided if they lived the gospel standards. I love you all and I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Schwartz 

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