Monday, January 13, 2014

Members and Missionaries Working Together (Elder Andrew Schwartz)

Dear Family,
Thanks, Pops, for the sweet email.  It's great to hear that you guys had great experiences at stake conference.  Also thanks for the heads up about the new mission President. (Philip Broadbent from Idaho, according to Church News).  He sounds like an awesome guy and it will be great to work with him this up coming July.  So, unfortunately, I don't have much time today because we started emailing late today, and also I won't be able to send you guys pictures because the computers that we usually use are not working and at this Lan House they won't let me put in my camera, BUT I promise lots of pictures next week.
I really liked the scripture that you shared with me, Dad, about a missionary and a member working together.  Because that is pretty much what makes up the highlights of this week.  We have been really trying to focus in our zone to work with the members as much as possible to help us find and teach people.  This week we had two fantastic experiences with a member named Custagio.  Custagio invited us, one day, to stop by his house and teach a message to his friend, Luciano, to whom he had given a Book of Mormon.  We excitedly did so, and we taught Luciano about the Restoration.  As we were discussing about how we can ask God to know if something is true or not, Luciano asked in his mind in the moment whether or not what we were saying was true and he was hit right then and there with an answer that it was true.  He said that he felt as though he was about to cry and that he knew that it was true.  He accepted our invitation for baptism, but unfortunately he has a rough work schedule and he doesn't know when he has days off, so going to church for him may be difficult.  This next week we are planning on beginning to teach his family. The other experience we had with Custagio was when we taught his daughter's boyfriend.  He had already been to church the week before and liked it a lot.  We also taught him about the Restoration and he understood everything and he did everything we invited him to do, so the next day at church he told us that he knows that it is true and that when he woke up that morning he was super excited to come to church and tell us.  The only thing with him is that he lives out of our area but we might be able to get permission to be able to teach him because he goes over to Custagio's house every weekend.
Well, sorry the letter is so short, but I am out of time now. I know that if members and missionaries work together to share the gospel, miracles will happen.  I know that this church is true and I promise that I'll be able to write a longer message home next week.
Elder Schwartz 

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