Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from Santiago!

Dear Everyone!

Well first of all, thank you for the pictures.  It looks like youre all having a really good trip, and it's great to hear that you (Dad) made it back to good ol´ Martinez safely.  This week went by really really crazy fast for Elder Sercovich and me.  We had to do divisions twice, and we had interviews, and district class, and an activity yesterday too.  Lots to do, lots to do, but I like it that way.  I get back to the apartment gassed every night, but that's the way that the mission is supposed to be, right?

So, we did divisions with the Assistants.  I stayed here in Tobalaba with Elder Espinoza, and Elder Sercovich went to the office with Elder Schade, and I learned SO MUCH during those 24 hours.  Elder Espinoza is an awesome missionary and example, and he knows really well how to zero in on the needs of the people.  He did a really good job of using inspired questions as he taught, something that I feel like I could get a lot better at as a teacher.  Oh, and Elder Espinoza is Chilean; I think that was the first time that I have been with a Chilean companion since i got here!  The other divisions we did was with Todd's cousin, Sallys nephew, Elder Bushman, and let me tell you, that boy is one heck of a missionary!  I am very happy to have him as a district leader in the zone.  He´s a great example to me, a really good teacher and a really good friend, too.  

So, on Thursday we had interviews with the President, and those are always great moments.  I love talking to President and Hna Wright -- they both gave me some really good advice.  Annnnd on Sunday, we did this thing called a sector slam, where all of us missionaries from the zone La Reina go to one ward and visit people.  It was a well organized activity, with maps and lists of peoples addresses and everything, and all of us missionaries went on divisions with the youth from the ward, and that was especially fun, I went with a 17 year old named Diego who is preparing for a mission, a really good kid.

Walter and Mercedez are doing great, we actually had a couple of really good lessons with them this week, including one in the house of our new ward mission leader, Hno Soto.  They are both progressing really well, but their one really big roadblock that's impeding them from being able to be baptized, is legal issues with a prior marraige that need to be sorted out before Mercedez and Walter can get married.... That's always difficult.  

All in all, it was a good week.  Elder Sercovich and I are getting along really well, and we have a great time together.  This area is amazing too -- I really couldn't be happier.  I love you all -- have a great week -- the church is true!


Elder Schwartz

With an awesome Brazilian guy -- "El Negro"


Friends from BYU

With Elder Dusty

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