Sunday, June 15, 2014


One more transfer in Cidade Leonor!

Dearest Family!!!!
Thanks for the update and this pics. I feel like everything is SO different back at home. Seriously, the first thing that blew me away is how big Cole is.  Is he taller than Hannah? So weeeiiirrrd..... BUT HEY, so we got our transfer calls today and you guys are not going to believe what happened. So, I'm staying here, and Elder Barreto is getting transferred. This is going to be my fifth transfer in this area. SO MUCH TIME.  Obviously, the there is something that I need to do here, or someone that I am supposed to help come unto Christ that I haven't found yet. So I'm stoked that I get to stay one more here because I like this area, and I get to see Antonio and Vanilde's wedding all the way through!  And see the baptism!  So cool!
Let's see, soo this week was a really good week for us.  Paulo is doing really well. He's already being a member missionary!  He's inviting everyone he knows to go to this ward activity we are going to have on Saturday night.  Antonio and his fam are doing well, also. They all went to stake conference with us yesterday and seemed to really enjoy it.  This week we found a lot of new people that have huge potential.  For example we found a girl who is dating a returned missionary and lives in our area so we are going to try to get in contact with that returned missionary to get him to take her to church here.
So the stake conference that we had this past weekend was amazing.  Everything  on Saturday was about member missionary work and we got a live satellite transmission from Salt Lake City for the Sunday Session.  On Saturday, I gave my talk, which I hope went well.  It was about how members and missionaries can work together in the work of reactivation and I cited that book The Power of the Everyday Missionary.  However, the Temple President came and gave a talk at that session that was amazing!  It was so good and so spiritual and he gave lots of fun and practical ideas for the members to get involved in missionary work.  And for the Sunday session, the Brazil Area Presidency spoke, as well as a members of the relief society presidency, and Elder Richard G. Scott (who gave his talk in really good portuguese, I was surprised) and Elder Ballard.  Elder Scott talked a lot about prayer and the blessings we recieve as we are in communication with our Heavenly Father.  Elder Ballard talked about three things that are really hurting the saints, not just in Brazil but everywhere. He talked about the use of technology (texting, social media, etc) while members are attending church, and basically burned everyone. He talked about the perils of pornography, and he spoke about defending the family and the doctrine of the family. They were amazing talks and I was really spiritually uplifted.
Well family, my time is running out and I can't send pictures today from my camera  because we're using an internet cafe today but I'll send some that a member sent me today.  I know that this is truly the Lord's work, and that He directs it through revelation.  I know that I'm here for a reason and I'm going to work with all my energy to help as many as my brothers and sisters here in Cidade Leonor as I can.
Love you all!
Elder Schwartz

With Elder Baretto and Friend


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