Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ward Conference and a Visit from Eduardo

A visit from Eduardo!

Dear Family,

Wow!  It sounds like you all had a really nice and busy week.

We had a pretty busy one here too, seeing how it was ward conference out here in Tobalaba, which was actually a huge success for everyone!  Elder Guerrero and I got to give a presentation at a fireside on Tuedsay night about how we can all be more effective at sharing the gospel with our neighbors and loved ones.  It was a success, I feel.
Elder Guerrero and I have been working a lot these past couple of weeks trying to win over the trust of the leaders, especially the Bishop, and I feel like ward conference helped us out a lot in doing that.  As part of ward conference, there were activites in the Chapel every night of the week, so we brought as many investigators and less active members as we could.  Elder Guerrero and I actually met a whole bunch of less active members this week.  We have been recieving lots of references from members, and that has helped us out a lot.  
We were able to meet up again with the family that we found last week -- they are doing well.  We are doing what we can to help get the members of the ward involved to take them under their wings.
It really was kind of a miraculous week because a lot of new people just kind of fell into our laps.  We are now teaching the little sister of a less active member that we have been teaching for several months now, so we are excited about that.  Nevertheless, I feel like we are struggling in helping these people recieve the blessings that are waiting for them in the chapel on Sunday, so Elder Guerrero and I are working on what we can do better to help them get there on Sunday.  
Something really cool that happened this week is that Eduardo, thats right, Eduardo from La Florida came to church HERE in Tobalaba on Sunday to give me a surprise visit -- THAT WAS AWESOME!  It made my day, seriously.  It had been forever since I had last seen him, so I was really happy.  And on Sunday we had a big ward lunch after our church meetings to finish off the week of ward conference.

I am sorry that this email is kind of short and scatterbrained -- there is just a TON of stuff going on that needs to be taken care of right now.

Anyways, I just want you all to know that I love you, and that I am very thankful for your love and support -- I can feel it, I really can.  I hope that you all have an excellent week.  Say your prayers and read your scriptures!

with love,
Elder Schwartz

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