Thursday, February 6, 2014

Warm February in Chile...

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Beauty or Beast?  Or just a little Chip....?
Dear Family,

Firstly, I love you all.  Thank you for you emails and your support and everything.  It really does make all of the difference in the world to me.  It's great to hear that you have all had a good, busy week -- that always makes me happy.  I am just going to apologize right now for the shortness of this email as we had a really busy p-day and I am totally DRAINED.  P-day should be the day that the missionaries rest up and nap and don't do anything, but lots of times we get confused and make P-day the busiest day of the week.  We woke up early and did our studies and then met up with the rest of the missionaries of the zone to play soccer at the stake center, and that was a good time.  We played for a few hours and then went to the nearby mall for lunch, and then we walked around the mall forever (but I didn't buy anything, dont worry).  Now I am all sunburnt and tired -- I'm going to make sure that I get to bed early tonight.

Dad, thank you for sharing the passages of scriptures from the funeral in your email, i really enjoyed those.  Especially the one from 3rd John. 3 John 1:4  The investigators are doing well, and we found some more new investigators this week, too.  Elder Sercovich and I have been focusing on that a lot lately, and we have been having success, so we are very happy.  On Friday we had a ward family home evening -- not too many people showed up, but enough to make it a really great experience.  We did an activity where an Elder was passing out candies, and for every candy that someone took, I had to do 2 push-ups, and at first the people started to laugh and they asked for more, but after a good few minutes, when I started to sweat and struggle, the people stopped asking for candies.  But the other Elder kept passing them out, and the people started rejecting the candies, and telling me to stop doing push-ups, but the elders just kept passing and passing the candies out until they ran out of candies, and I got gassed and couldnt do anymore.  It was a little visual to help people understand the atonement and how Christ suffered for each of us, and it turned out really well.  Elder Surmik made a really good connection and taught a really good lesson afterwards.  On Saturday we had the monthly mission leadership meeting, and I love those.  It's always great seeing President and Hna Wright and all the other missionaries -- I always learn a ton.

I am sorry for the shortness of the email -- I just want you all to know that everything is great here.  It's still really hot, but fall is right around the corner, so I'm waiting for that.  I know that the church is true and I know that if we put our trust in the Lord, and in His plan for us, we will be blessed.  He has a plan for each and every one of us, and I know that what He has planned for us is a lot better than what we have planned for ourselves.  

Have a great week!  
with much love,
Elder Schwartz

Our Apartment

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Service Day

Happy about Service Day....

Elder Surmik's Birthday

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