Sunday, July 28, 2013

Welcome, Elder and Sister Doll

Elder Schwartz and the Dolls (good friends from Concord now serving as senior couple missionaries in Santiago)

Dear Mom, Dad, and well... Everyone!
So, sorry, but this email is going to be one of the shorter ones; Elder Packer and I have a lot of lessons to teach tonight, so we had to cut our internet time a little short.  Firstly, It is great to hear that everyone is doing well, that you are all staying so busy, and I am very happy to hear that lil' Elder Andrew made it all the way to Brazil without any problemitas.  I want to hear all about his first week!
This week went by well, of course.  The vast majority of the weeks go by well -- I'm a missionary, so every week is a good week!  Ill try to give you all the best recap that I can..... FIRSTLY, Yes I got to talk to Elder Doll, and yes he IS in my district.  I talked to him on the phone twice so far, and I will be seeing him tomorrow (in district meeting), so I am really excited for that.  On Tuesday all of the Chileans had the day off, so we had a ward activity!  It is called the "Porotada" and I think the best english translation of that is "Beanfest".  Yes, our whole ward got together, and we ate beans, and that was pretty much the activity.  It was a lot of fun actually -- lots of people, lots of food, and it helped me get to know a few of the ward members a little better, which was nice. 
On Wednesday I did divisions (splits) with Elder Bills, and that was a really great time.  He isn't the most social and loud and voiceful guy, but I learned a lot from his example and the way that he teaches.  I felt like when I was with Elder Bills, every action that he did or every word that he said, he did it with his heart, and that's something that I want to get better at.  I think that I get caught up in the routine of things sometimes, and that's not good for us missionaries.  But it was a really fun day with Elder Bills.  We taught seven lessons that day, which is a lot for this sector, so we were really happy about that. 
Something else that happened this week that was equally as awesome, is that I gave my first baptismal interview!  That was pretty intense.  Elder Packer and I went out to a neighboring sector and I had the opportunity to do the baptismal interview for an investigator for one of the companionships in our district, and it was a really good, really spiritual experience.  I interviewed Claudia, who is 43, and she lives with her daughter, and also cares fotr her parents.  I know that the decision to be baptized is not only going to chage her life, but her eternity.  She got baptized yesterday. 
I just want to end this little email with a short testimony that I know that this gospel has the power to change lives, and that's actually the reason why it exists, to help us make the necessary changes to be able to worthily return to of Father in Heaven.  I know that if we can live this Gospel with faith, that's exactly what will happen.  Thank you all so much for your love and cards and prayers and thoughts and everything.  Hopefully everyone'll have a great week -- I know that I will.

con mucho cariƱo,

Elder Schwartz

District with the Dolls and Elder Nate Schwartz

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