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Poppa was out of town for last week, so I didn't get the email from June 17th up, so here is the one from Elder Nate Schwartz from the 24th first, then followed by June 17th.  No pics included in these last two messages......

Dear Everyone!

Dad, I absolutely loved the email, and it sounds like BASEcamp was a huge hit.  I am sure that the youth absolutely loved it.  Mom has to do jury duty?  Aha!  And thank you for the pictures -- it sure seems like Andrew is having an awesome time in Idaho, and that he loves his companions and is working hard, awesome awesome awesome!  Well, I dont know what your highlight of the week was, but mine was that AMAZING DEVOTIONAL THAT HAPPENNED THIS WEEKEND ON MISSIONARY WORK!!!!!!!  Yes, I got to see it and it was exactly what we missionaries needed.  The talks were amazing, and the new techniques, everything, completely inspired.  So, in the future it looks like we will be using more technology.  I havent heard anything from anyone yet, but I'll let you know when it happens.  AND the "Chapel Tour" plan, I dont know if you remember a couple months ago when I talked about us doing a tour in Geronimo, where Elder Sanchez and I were dressed in white and we taught about baptism.   Well THAT'S what they are going to be doing worldwide now.  Apparently, they were testing it out in this mission, and some other ones first, but now they'll most likely be doing it EVERYWHERE.  Which is really cool, because I personally felt like it was a huge success.  I loved Elder Perry´s talk, one of the best talks that I have heard in a long time -- that love needs to be the sourse of our acts, and that is something really important, not only in missionary life, but for life in general.

This week went by really fast.  Elder Packer and I stayed really busy, which I love.  We had Zone conference on Tuesday, so we got to hear five straight hours of pure amazingness from President and Hna Wright.  They mainly focused on the importance of the temple, and I learned a TON.  We had some really good lessons this week, but my favorite was probably the one that we had on Saturday night with a man named Hno Ponce.  The Ponces are a way cool family in our ward who were recently reactivated.  Their daughter Nicol just got her mission call and is leaving in 2 weeks, and the mother, who recently cut my hair, also reactivated with her daughter and they were able to go through the temple together on Friday.  Well, Hno Ponce, the father, is a little farther away from activity than his wife and daughter, but we had a really really powerful lesson with him Saturday.  The man wants to change his life, and wants to get temple-worthy.  Apparently, when he was waiting outside the temple for his daughter and wife on Friday night, he had a really powerful experience, so now Elder Packer and I have the opprotunity to help guide this man to his way back.  Yesterday at church, the stake president pulled us out of class and asked Elder Packer and I to accompany him as he gave Hno Ponce a blessing, which was another amazing thing that happenned this week.  

Whelp, my first 6 weeks in Chiloe are coming to a close, as this transfer ends on Saturday.  Will I get moved out?  Doubt it.  Chiloe is a really special place, and hopefully I'll have some more time here, but I'll let you guys know what happens in my next email.

Today was good, Elder Paxman and Elder Nunez came over to make elder Smith breakfast to celebrate his last P-day.  We went to the mall and got some more old style photos taken.  I'll be sure to get those scanned and sent to you next week.  I just want to close this email by thanking you all for your love and support and for really everything that youre doing for me.  I can feel it.  I know that this is the true church, and I know that Andrew and I are doing what the Lord wants us to, and we are both learning so much in the process.  Until next week,
with much love,

Elder Schwartz

Dear Family,
Firstly, YES, I GOT THE PACKAGE AND THANK YOU SO MUCH IT WAS AWESOME.  I very much enjoyed that.  It is great to hear and see that everyone is doing so well, Dad you look so skinny!  And its great to hear that you had a good Father's day.  Phil looks like he is loving his life on the east coast, and Andrew seems to be having a great time in Pocatello.  Today, I sat down and did a major letter writing session, so those few of you who have written me a letter recently, expect the response soon.
You guys are going to kill me for this, but i really dont have too much time to write in detail about the week.  It was really good, and it went by really, REALLY fast.  I feel like every week goes faster and faster.  I have now been in Chiloe for a whole month!  How weird is that!?  There were several highlights of the week, one of them was that the district class went REALLY well.  We did this teaching practice outside and the district loved it, which was great.  I feel like it helped us out a lot.  I did divisions (splits) with Elder Schade during the week too, and he taught me a lot.  He is a super good missionary -- his enthusiasm really is contagious.  Elder Packer and I did a good job statying busy this week going from lesson to lesson to lesson to lesson.  Oh, and I got to talk with Eduardo today for a few minutes!
I don't have any photos for this week.  Sadly, my camera was broken for a little while, BUT IT'S FIXED NOW, so don't worry.  Today was good.  I had to wake up early and go to the chapel with Elder Schade so he could practice his musical number for the zone conference tomorrow.  We went to the HUGE mall in the center of Santiago and bought Cinnebon.  Delicious!  This last Sunday Elder Packer and I taught the Gospel Principles class at church, on the Gifts of the Holy Ghost.  It was a way fun lesson -- a really fun class to teach.
Everything is going really well down here in Chiloe.  I am used to the ward and the people, and the sector.  It is great and I love it.  Of course, there will always be a special spot in my heart for Geronimo, but Chiloe found a part in my heart, too.
I know that this is the true church.  I know that Andrew and I are doing the work of the Lord.  I see His hand in this work on a daily basis.  I know that through obedience, we are able to fully enjoy the blessings of this gospel, and I know that families can be together forever.
Thank you all for your love and support and everything.  I miss you all, but I know that we´re all in good hands.  Keep being great, and i´ll get back to you all next week.
with much love,
Elder Schwartz

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