Friday, July 13, 2012

Departure from Utah and Arrival in Chile!

Elder Schwartz has arrived!  He is now in Chile.

Here is his address:

Elder Nate Schwartz
Pedro De Valdivia 1423
29 Santiago, Region Metropolitana
Please write him!
He departed Utah early Monday morning (July 9th), but someone (or two) were at the airport in espionnage mode several hours earlier...
As parents, we were glad to see the brothers have one last opportunity to say goodbye and hug -- in Phil's case for 22 months and for Andrew probably closer to three years.  We love this photo!
We were able to talk to Elder Schwartz for about a half an hour during his layover in LAX.  It was great to hear his voice.  He had a great stay in the MTC in Provo, but he is so excited to get to Chile and start his real service and work there.  The idea of a 14 hour flight didn't seem to bother him much. 
Anyway, all that was Monday.  We hoped to hear something Tuesday....or Wednesday, but nothing.  Finally, on email arrived from the mission with some photos and a pdf of a handwritten letter from our Elder.  Here are the photos of Elder Schwartz with Pres. and Sister Wright and the other with the group that arrived with him.


We don't yet know where Elder Schwartz's first area is or which elder was assigned to be his trainer.  We don't even know yet when his preparation day will be.  We'll update the blog when we first hear from him.  Thanks for all your love, friendship, and prayers.  You are all greatly appreciated.

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