Sunday, October 21, 2012

Marjorie's Baptism

Elder Schwartz sent an email and some pictures this past week.  Most of the pics are at the end of this post. Thanks for all your support and for letters you send to him....

Here is his address if you need it:

Elder Nate Schwartz
Pedro De Valdivia 1423
29 Santiago, Region Metropolitana

And his email:

Dear Family¡

In this email I'm going to be using the upside down exclamation point because the button for the right side up one is broken..... how lame.....  It's good to hear that everyone is keeping busy and that my Giants are still in the hunt for the World Series title.  Too bad BYU football is slacking this year though...... and I am VERY excited for Andrew that he may be starting his (missionary application) papers.  I really do feel like that boy is ready to go and do.

Marjorie's Baptism

This email is going to be one of my shorter ones, if not the shortest one, because I'm running out of time on the computer, and Elder Garcia and I have service to do¡¡¡¡  The highlights of the week, or the highlight of the week was Marjorie's baptism, and the whole event went so, so well for her and for everyone that attended.  Her mom actually came to the baptism and came to church, and even though she won't admit it, I think she had a really good time; I have a feeling we might start teaching her soon.....  The changes in Marjorie's life are just so evident; she is so much happier; she's doing better in school, and at work.  Across the board she is just doing better and her mom has noticed that more than anyone.  Tuesday we had the funeral of the Abuelita of the Pardo family and the service went really well.  Church funerals are just so different than the funerals of the world.  I remember walking at the cemetery and seeing the pain and the stress of the people attending other services, but as we stood around her grave site and the people there bore testimony of how great of a woman this abuelita was and IS, and that they know that this step is not the end, we felt a very strong sense of peace for everyone there, a peace that I don't think is present at other services.  The Pardo's came to church this Sunday, and we had family home evening with them last night, and they are all in good spirits.  Sadly, Javier wasn't able to come to church yesterday, and that was particularly sad because Elder Clyde and Miller came out to visit for the baptism and they really wanted to see him.. *They were the elders that found him and started teaching him*

Weather warming up a bit
Its heating up down here and I am loving it.  I packed away my sleeping bag and stored it under my bed because at night it is still HOT.  It looks like I'll be wearing short sleeves for the next several months, but I'm a Cali Guy; I can dig it.  I've also just been so gosh dang tired all the time.  Elder Garcia and I have been doing a lot of service this past week and it has just taken the energy out of me.  I havent fallen asleep during a lesson though..... yet.  Oh, and this morning I went to Cataldo, the guy who makes the suits custom and mine should be ready by the end of the month.  His suits are really, really nice by the way.  The other big news:  I'll be seeing Dusty (Elder Bonkmeyer) and Cindy (cousin) this Saturday, so get ready for those photos¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Our meeting with Elder Bednar is going to be so cool for so many reasons¡¡¡¡¡ I got an email today saying that he is going to be doing a Q and A session after his discourse, SO READY.

I got a few letters this week, really amazing ones from Dan Lynch and from Marissa, so if mom wants to facebook them and tell them thank you and that a response is coming soon, that would be sweet :D. I'll keep my eyes peeled for letters from the stake and for your package.  I love you all.  The Church is true, and we have a true Prophet of God in these days, and we are so incredibly fortunate to have this Gospel in our lives, I read a really good little message from this months Liahona magazine by President Uchtdorf about forgiveness; if you have time, READ IT, its super good.  I glued it in my journal, that's how good it was.
Thank you all so much for all that you are doing for me.  I wish you the best in all of your endeavors and I am praying for you¡¡¡¡¡
until next week,
con amor,

Elder Schwartz

Haircut from Hermana Pardo

Cooking Potato balls
Eating Potato balls
Eating something yummy!
Our Zone of Missionaries

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