Saturday, June 16, 2012

MTC Life -- Week Five

Elder Nate Schwartz is loving the MTC.  He appreciates all the support he feels from family and friends.  You can write him at:

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Or through "".

Here is the latest from Elder Schwartz:

This week has been great, like always, a ton has happened!  Grandma sent me an email that I absolutely LOVED, and quickly responded to.  Tell her thanks and give her a hug for me please :)  Ah!  I can't believe that Andrew is graduated!  There is no way that it has been a whole year since i had my grad party.  Time needs to slow down!  I am confident that he'll find a job in Provo, He'll have a blast with Phil.    That's so awesome to hear about Matt Cain! (pitching the perfect game).  That's amazing! Go Giants!  Keep me posted.
So much has happenned this week!  One of my teachers (Hermana McGuire), has left to study abroad in Africa.  She was awesome and I'm gonna miss her. She really connected well with our district and I think we are going to have a tough time making that kind of connection with her replacement, but I wish her the best.  There haven't been very many sightings of new people, just the usual Elder Baer, Elder Rice, Smith Elder, Foster Elder (friends from BYU going to Hungary -- fun fact: in Hungarian the "elder" comes after the last name).  We are now officially the oldest district in our zone!  It's crazy!  Now we are the district that is helping the other districts with their spanish, not the other way around.....yikes!  It's okay though, I think that we know a lot more spanish than we think we do......if that makes any sense.  The teaching is going well.  We have set a baptismal date with one of our progressive investigators and the other is SO close.  We are also doing this thing in our class where we get the opprotunity of being progressive investigators for other missionaries so I've been doing that and it's been way fun receiving the lessons for a change.  Every Tuesday we do this thing called TRC (Training Recourse Center) where we teach members that volunteer to come to the MTC and receive lessons from missionaries.  It's been a ton of fun, this Tuesday Elder Matthews and I taught an elderly Mexican couple that were in town for their grandkid's baby blessing.  I have a lotttttttttt more spanish to learn, that's for sure.  The lesson went really well, but I really need to work on my pronunciation. I am starting to read the Book of Mormon in spanish out loud to work on that, and I feel like it's helping.
This week one of our devotionals were from Brother Allen, duke of missionaries or some crazy title like that, (We've had a devotional from him once before) and he talked abhout the importance of being yourself and having strong companionships.  He showed us a series of old LDS commercials that were really cool/well done/funny.  That man has an excellent skill of getting the audience's attention.  Our Tuesday devotional was from Elder Malm of the 70, He's from Sweden.  He stressed the importance of faith and acting on that faith in the mission field and in life.  He did a stellar job.  Devotionals are hands-down my favorite aspect of the MTC.  Apparently this next Tuesday we are supposed to have someone big here to talk to us (I have my fingers crossed for Elder Holland or Bednar, but anyone would be great) :)
Do you remember in my checklist of things to do before going to the MTC?  One of the thing I had to do was watch 3 episodes of "The District 2" online.  The District 2 is this series, almost reality TVesque, about missionary work.  It's a really well done series and if you get the chance to watch it, you should.  We watch clips from it in class every day.  Anyways, this probably isn't a big deal to you all but it is for people in the MTC,  one of the guys from The District 2 works here.  His name is Elder Christiansen, and he was in the cafeteria, so Elder Clawson (this stud from my zone) and I decided to go sit with him and talk with him.  (This is the MTC equivilant of sitting with Tom Hanks in the outside world). Everyone was really jealous and it was amazing.  My zone got a kick out of that and next time I see Elder Christiansen, I'll be sure to take a picture with him for you all.
Anyways!  I'm out of time and there's a long line for the computer so I need to log off.  I love you all so much and thank you for your prayers, your support and the example that you set for me!  I know this is the true Gospel, that it changes lives and that everyone needs to feel the blessings from it!  I love you all so much and I can't wait to hear from you next week!
Xoxo, Elder Schwartz

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